Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery at Spring Hill

At Spring Hill Specialist Dental Centre, Graham Merrick provides assessment and local anaesthetic surgical treatments on a private basis on behalf of South West Head and Neck Surgery Ltd. as follows:

  • Sinus lifting and bone grafting to support placement of dental implants in the upper and lower jaws under local anaesthetic
  • Surgical removal of wisdom teeth under local anaesthetic
  • Minor Oral surgery procedures for surgical removal of teeth and roots
  • Diagnosis of oral lesions, skin lesions, lumps and bumps of the face, head and neck, including incisional or excisional biopsies
  • Placement of dental implants.
  • Consultant opinion, diagnosis and management of oral medicine conditions.
  • Access to CBCT scanning and reporting of the head and neck region.
  •  Assessment and management of salivary gland conditions, parotid gland tumours (benign and malignant), or white patches (e.g. Lichen planus) in the mouth.

For further information regarding South West Head and Neck Surgery Ltd. please click the following link to view the corresponding website.

    Oral Surgery-  Step by Step

    Step 1


    Getting started is very simple, we first require a consultation to assess your dental situation and explain all options available to you in detail, so that you can make an informed decision.

    Step 2

    Receive Treatment Plan & Book Appointments

    Sometimes Graham can do consultation and treatment on the same day, depending on information contained within a referral from your general dentist

    Step 3


    You will be provided with a post-operative pack with all aftercare instructions

    Step 4 

    Aftercare / review

    Wound check 1-week post-surgery to see how well the site is healing.

    Step 5


     (if you are having a sinus lift and bone graft)

    There is a healing period of 4 months between the procedure and placement of a dental implant. 

    Your treatment co-ordinator and dental nurse will always be available throughout your treatment to discuss any aspect of the journey, from consultation through to discharge.

    Oral Surgery FAQ’s

    What are the fees?

    Specialist Consultation£200
    Sinus lifting & bone grafting£1700
    Surgical wisdom tooth extraction£700
    Surgical tooth or root extraction£500-£700
    Excision of lesion/biopsy£350-£450
    Dental implants£3000
    CBCT scan£140

    Is there a Finance Option Available?

    We offer 0% finance over 10 months. The cost of implants is naturally broken down into amounts over the course of the treatment due to healing periods and different stages, which will be explained in full at consultation.

    Do you have a question?

    If you have any questions at all we are only too happy to have a no obligation chat, just complete the contact form below or call us on 01822 613112.