Emergency Treatment

Emergency Dentistry Services 

We offer emergency appointments for registered patients daily. A thorough examination will take place which will usually include an x-ray to diagnose the problem.

The treatment able to be carried out will depend on what the diagnosis is, and all options will be discussed. The tooth/teeth will be either temporarily or permanently restored, depending on the situation and if any further treatment is required.

If a permanent tooth is knocked out it is vital that it is kept in good condition if it is to be successfully re-implanted. If the tooth has been avulsed (knocked out of its socket entirely):


  • Find the tooth, hold it by its crown (keeping the root untouched)
  • Rinse under water (with the plug in place!)
  • EITHER put the tooth back in its place straight away OR place the tooth in a cup of milk or if not available then between your gum and cheek (be careful not to swallow it)
  • Seek immediate specialist treatment within 2 hours