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Our general practitioners  are your first line of defence in taking care of your teeth. Our dentists determine what  the primary dental care is needed for patients of all ages. They can treat you and your family and are responsible for the diagnosis, treatment and your overall dental care.

Both our general dentists believe that prevention is better than cure and as a result will instruct, advise and guide patients of all ages on the best way to protect their teeth and how to achieve and maintain good oral health.

​Also general dental practitioner plays a critical role in managing head and neck cancer patients. The first and most important role is to offer preventive services, particularly to smokers and to patients who drink alcohol to excess. It is of critical importance that every patient has a systematic examination of oral soft tissues when seen by a general dental practitioner. All patients with suspicious lesions should be referred for urgent attention to a specialist centre. Once oral cancer has been diagnosed.

About General Practitioners