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At Spring Hill we believe it is imperative to see children from an early age to allow a positive lifelong relationship with dentistry.

We welcome children of any age to come and visit our dentist, Alexia Hutton, even if it’s just to say hello and sit in the dental chair! The introduction to their dentist and the surgery is very important in order to make them feel as comfortable as possible when their appointments come around.

We would usually recommend 6 monthly dental examinations for children, this will help to ensure that their teeth remain healthy and cavity free! It is very achievable for children to not need any fillings with good maintenance at home and keeping regular visits up to the dentist. However, if a little cavity is spotted and needs a filling then it can be easily done (pain free!) using a tooth coloured filling material.

Fluoride application at each examination is highly recommended for children. It is a free treatment and involves a fruity flavoured gel being applied with the aim of preventing cavities and strengthening their teeth.

As we all know, a healthy active lifestyle for children is so important. We can offer mouth guards for sports and activities to help avoid any accidents! These can be made in a range of different colours and patterns.

Also, if you have any questions about braces then our Specialist Orthodontist Sean Hamilton will be more than happy to see your child for a consultation. Please take a look at our Orthodontics page for some more information.

About Children Dentistry